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What is Digital Eye Strain?


computer eye strainDigital devices and our constant usage of them, is increasing the demands on our eyes. So what is it with digital screens that is causing our eyes to work extra hard? 

What is Blue Light?


  • Blue light is all around us. It is emitted by the sun and artificial light sources, including digital screens such as your  smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.


  • Blue light may be beneficial to our eyes in moderation as it is necessary for regulation of the sleep/wake cycles, mood and cognitive performances.


  • But blue light can also be the cause of premature eye ageing. Overexposure to blue-violet light can damage the retina and potentially increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

“Our digital glasses relax your eyes and help fight the temporary effects of Digital Eye Strain and blocks approximately 29% of potentially harmful blue light.”


A NEW, innovative, digital screen protection lens.
Designed to relax and protect your eyes from digital screens, all day long.



  • Incorporate a patented lens coating technology that blocks approximately 29% of potentially harmful blue light.

  • Contain SmartFocus™ technology adding a slight magnification to the lower portion of the lenses to help your eyes stay relaxed while using digital devices.

  • Blue cut coating provides anti-reflective properties.

  • UV 400 protection.

  • Scratch resistant.


Everyone deserves the most comfortable vision possible. 

If you use digital devices on an everyday basis; and whether you have or have not experienced digital eye strain yet, This is the clear choice to help you relax and protect your eyes. That’s why our lenses are available to everyone, whether you wear glasses or not.


NATHAN FRAME Product Code: 1017229

Shiny black front with satin gunmetal eye rim and metal temples with shiny black temple tips

nathan blk.1

nathan blk.2

nathan blk.3

nathan blk.4

JASPER FRAME Product Code: 1017231

Shiny black front with satin gunmetal metal temples and eye rim and shiny black temple tips

jasper blk.1

jasper blk.2

jasper blk.3

jasper blk.4

OLIVER FRAME Product Code: 1017232

Tortoise brown frame with satin brown metal trim

oliver tor.1

oliver tor.2

oliver tor.3

oliver tor.4

TIBBY FRAME Product Code: 1017233

Satin Berry metal frame with crystal berry temple tips

tibby bry.1

tibby bry.2

tibby bry.3

tibby bry.4

FINN FRAME Product Code: 1017234

Satin dark gunmetal frame with shiny black temple tips

finn gun.1

finn gun.2

finn gun.3

finn gun.4

SADIE FRAME Product Code: 1017235

Wine tortoise front with satin gunmetal eye rim and milky translucent wine temples

sadie tor.1

sadie tor.2

sadie tor.3

sadie tor.4

MAMI FRAME Product Code: 1017236

Brown crystal with dark brown stripes  and silver rivets

marni brn.1

marni brn.2

marni brn.3

marni brn.4

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