20 Signs That You May Need Eye Glasses

There are many signs that you may need glasses – some more obvious than others.

Even if you see no warning signs, a comprehensive eye exam with an independent eyecare professional can help you identify if you or your child needs vision correction.

NOTE: Infants should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months of age. Children then should receive additional eye exams at 3 years of age, and just before they enter kindergarten or the first grade at about age 5 or 6.

If you are experiencing any of these, schedule an appointment with an eyecare professional who can give you a comprehensive eye exam.

Check out for these warning signs and symptoms

Warning Signs for Adults

1. Struggling with up-close tasks like sewing, drawing, or other intricate hobbies

2. Struggling to see what’s on your phone or device screen

3. Bumping into or tripping over things

4. Squinting, frequent headaches, rubbing your eyes, or fatigue

5. Sitting too close to a digital screen

6. Unable to see far away or up close

7. Difficulty seeing at night

8. Trouble reading for any length of time or “seeing double” when reading

9. Feeling like you need to hold things farther away from you to see them better

10. Needing bright light (or more light than usual) when reading

Warning Signs for Children

1. Consistently sitting too close to the TV or holding a book too close

2. Losing his or her place while reading or using a finger to guide the eyes when reading

3. Squinting or tilting the head to see better

4. Frequent eye rubbing

5. Sensitivity to light and/or excessive tearing

6. Closing one eye to read, watch TV, or see better

7. Avoiding activities that require near vision, such as reading or homework

8. Avoiding activities that require distance vision, such as participating in sports or other recreational activities

9. Acting out or restlessness in the classroom

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